Yahoo smiley theme for Pidgin

If you're sick of the way Yahoo Messenger sucks the living daylight out of your computer, fills your screen with conversation windows and pokes you in the eye with advertisements, Pidgin might just be the replacement for you. It's sleek, fast, easy to use, features a nifty tabbed interface and it runs on Windows, Linux, and other UNIX operating systems. While the lack of Voice calls, Video calls or Photo sharing in Pidgin might not be all that bad, one can not help but feel the great void caused by the absence of the original Yahoo smileys.

And this is where this little pack comes in. The smiley theme comes in two versions:

Yahoo Messenger 9 Version

Yahoo Messenger 9 smileys

Yahoo Messenger 11 Version

Yahoo Messenger 11 smileys

Please note that the last two smileys: pirate and transformer are only available in Yahoo Messenger for the web. A list of all Yahoo smileys and their respective codes can be found here.


To install a smiley theme, click Tools -> Preferences -> Themes. Then drag and drop the theme file onto the Smiley Theme drop down list. Check the list for your newly added theme, select it and press close. Visual instructions below:

Pidgin smiley theme installation Pidgin smiley theme installation Pidgin smiley theme installation


The smiley themes are installed in

/home/user/.purple/smileys - on Linux

C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\.purple\smileys - on Win XP

C:\Users\user\Application Data\.purple\smileys - on Win 7

To remove a theme, simply delete the respective directory. The change will take effect after you restart Pidgin.