Bike Savings Calculator

how much time and money would a bike save you?


Imagine the following conversation:

-Hey man, that's a really nice bike!


-How much did you pay for it?

-About {insert amount here}.

-Wow! That's a lot of money!

-Yeah, but considering that I save about 30 minutes of time on the road each day, I really think it was worth it.

So, let's see just how much time and money you could save by replacing your current means of transportation with a bike.

To the science mobile!

The idea:

If you earn n$ / hour, it's probably safe to say that your free time is also worth at least n$ / hour. Add this to the fact that riding a bike is absolutely free, and you're already getting places :)

The data:

You have to go to work days a week.

Each day, you waste minutes and spend $ on the road.

With a bike, you'd probably spend minutes on the road.

And with a salary of $ per hour, you'd probably save...